Sunday, October 4, 2015

Everything that Glitters is not #NASCAR Gold
Sometimes It Is Green

By Jens Sennelind

#10 of NASCAR Xfinity Driver Jeff Green
#10 of NASCAR Xfinity Driver Jeff Green, short on sponsorship
Something hit me when I watched the NASCAR Xfinity race from New Hampshire this July. The television producers always focus on the top-ten, or at most the top-twenty drivers. Well, I suppose that's normal, the viewer wants to see racing from top of the field; but sometimes a race fan actually wants to see the back of the field as well. Who are the teams and drivers from, for example, position 30 and below?

Normally, these teams are fighting hard just to make it to the start grid. With low budgets and low finances, they are NASCAR's backside that never gets the attention they deserves. In these teams, there are no 'Sprint Cup ringers' to fill the driving seat. It’s not unusual that the driver is the owner/manager and all other positions that normally requires additional personnel. The cost to running a NASCAR team is enormous. I have heard figures of ~100 000 Euro (~108 467 USD) per race and team, and then we talking smaller teams and race classes.

Checking the price money for last Xfinity race at NH, TriStar Motorsports Toyota #19 with Jeff Green, earned 9,234 USD with his P40 spot. The #19 car normally drives 2-3 laps every time it manages to qualify to an Xfinity race and its most common reported problem is "vibration." They are a classic "start and park" team, even though officially NASCAR doesn’t want to use that expression anymore.

#nascar driver Jeff Green - 2000 Xfinity Champ
Green - 2000 Xfinity Champ
Green was the Xfinity (Busch) series champion in 2000 with a margin of 616 points to runner-up Jason Keller (PPC racing). This margin was the largest in series history until 2006. In those days, Green battled hard against Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth and Jimmie Johnson for example.

Today, the times have changed. Jeff, age 53, must have the most last position record in Xfinity series (without checking). Does this make Green/TriStar Motorsports a bad team? Who are we to judge them?

The above example is perhaps the most extreme of them all, but I hope you get the picture.

With this said, I have noticed that, for example, 'social media' is quick to judge small teams and drivers in a negative way. Almost making fun of them. For me, they have the same right to compete at the track as other "star drivers" or well-funded teams. Without the small teams, the track would look empty and the race wouldn't be the same.

My goal is to make a small 'series' here at PTR blog about the Xfinity drivers/teams that normally stands outside the Media’s spotlight and attention.

I hope you readers will appreciate the idea.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver
Clint Bowyer

Michael Waltrip Racing, No. 15 Toyota

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver Clint Bowyer

Outlook: The No. 15 squeaked into the Chase but also suffered from a streak of bad luck at strong tracks. The team is fired up to win in its last season together.

Chase history: Five previous appearances, finishing second in 2012.

Best Chase track: Homestead, with six top-10 finishes and an average finish of 10.9.

Worst Chase track: Phoenix, with zero wins, six top-10 finishes and an average finish of 18.

Photo by Sarah Crabill/2015 Getty Images

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver
Paul Menard

Richard Childress Racing, No. 27 Chevrolet

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver Paul Menard

Outlook: Menard's consistency in top-15 finishes all season long paid off in clinching a Chase berth, but he might have something to worry about once he gets to Chicagoland with only one top 10 in the books in his eight starts at the track.

Chase history: This is Menard's first appearance.

Best Chase track: Kansas, with an average finish of 15.8.

Worst Chase track: Chicagoland, with an average finish of 23.9.

Photo by Todd Warshaw/2015 NASCAR
Tomorrow: Clint Bowyer

Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver
Ryan Newman

Richard Childress Racing, No. 31 Chevrolet

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver Ryan Newman

Outlook: Newman made the Chase the same way he did last year -- on points -- and as he showed in 2014, consistency can be enough to reach the Championship 4.

Chase history: Six previous appearances, finished second in 2014.

Best Chase track: Three wins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Worst Chase track: 11 top 10s in 27 appearances at Talladega Superspeedway.

Photo by Rainier Ehrhardt/2015 NASCAR
Tomorrow: Paul Menard

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver
Jeff Gordon

Hendrick Motorsports, No. 24 Chevrolet

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver Jeff Gordon

Outlook: While he's shown glimmers of greatness this season, Gordon posted an average finish of 19.4 in the five races before Richmond, where he finished seventh.

Chase history: Ten previous appearances, best finish of second in 2007.

Best Chase track: Series-best eight wins and 36 top 10s in 45 starts at Martinsville Speedway.

Worst Chase track: Texas, with one win and 13 top 10s in 29 appearances.

Photo by Sarah Crabill/2015 NASCAR
Tomorrow: Ryan Newman

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver
Jamie McMurray

Chip Ganassi Racing, No. 1 Chevrolet

Meet #NASCAR Sprint Car Chase Driver Jamie McMurray

Outlook: McMurray will be interesting to watch in the Chase. He's been one of the most consistent drivers in 2015 -- and we saw how well that worked for Ryan Newman last season.

Chase history: None.

Best Chase track: Charlotte, with two wins, seven top-five finishes and an average finish of 16.7 in 26 starts.

Worst Chase track: New Hampshire, with four top-five finishes and an average finish of 20.7 in 25 starts.

Photo by Jared C. Tilton/2015 NASCAR
Tomorrow: Jeff Gordon

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